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Published on October 14th, 2015 | by Fredrik Knalstad


Quick Post: SCSM Incident Reporting -> PowerBI tiles in PowerPoint

Today I’m on the run but got 30 min to blog about something that got my attention couple of weeks ago.


Like many of you I follow twitter and blogs to get an overview of what is happening around PowerBI. Especially when there is a sexy factor to a new feature. A couple weeks a go there was an article on the Power BI Developer Blog from Rui Romano (DevScope). In the article he talked about the new Office 365 APP they had created to support Power BI tiles in Office Products.

Since I work a lot with Datacenter solutions we often do analysis of our data. Normally we use Power BI for that part, but then I have to switch between PowerPoint and Power BI.  So after reading this article about Power BI tiles in Office, this was spot on for us. So I needed to test the devscope solution asap.

So let’s get start testing the add-in.

In Power Point click on [Insert] and select [My Add-ins], select [Manage other Add-ins]


In the search area, type “Power BI Tiles”, and click on the icon.


Click on [Trust It] to accept the policy.


When the add-in is loaded we are ready to login with our Power BI account that has the related access to the Power BI Tiles.
Everyone who connect to PowerBI through this add-in, need access to the Tiles in PowerBI. So if this presentation were shared with other users, each user needs permissions in PowerBI.



Since I am running my browser in Protected mode, I need to allow the add-in to open outside Protected mode and authenticate against PowerBI.com.


Then we need to sign in with the PowerBI account that has access to the dashboards.


Click [Accept] to approve Authorization to your tiles in PowerBI.


When add-in has logged in to your PowerBI account, your dashboards will be available in a drop down menu.


In this case we are going to add the SCSM Incident Reporting to my existing company Power Point template.

Depending on the presentation you can adjust the size of the box by selecting the corners and adjust the size and move the box to the right location.

To change the slides just hover the pointer over the Image and an arrow will appear on the sides 23 that will let us switch to the next tile.


To select another dashboard, move the pointer to the upper left corner, here a dashboard menu will appear, that will let you change the dashboard. (Awesome!)


The PowerBI account that we are logged on with may be connected to other groups that contain other dashboards. By clicking on the [DEFAULT WORKSPACE] we can switch to the other groups that are connected to the account.


In the right corner there is a Menu that lets you reload the tiles and show as saved Image (static)++..


There is also an Auto-Refresh button in the right corner that enables refresh the tiles.

27 28


Logging on to the Azure Active Directory we can now see that the new Add-in has been added to authorized web applications.



Here we can also track the usage of the add-in.




The add-in is excellent and gives us the opportunity to use the same slides over and over again. The time it takes for us to prepare the slides has been reduced quite a bit. For future updates I would love to see drilldown on charts, dynamic selection in charts, combine more tiles into one frame. But one thing is sure this is a sexy add-in.

PS. Also works great in Excel.



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  1. Mike Morris says:

    Hi Fredrik, I am really enjoying your articles around #SCSM and PowerBI. I have followed your articles with interest however it seems to finish at Part 5 and I am really looking forward to Part 6. Can you let me know when that is likely to be?

    • Hi Mike

      I have planned to release Part 6, but due to a lot of changes in PowerBI this has been on hold. But over the next month I will write a couple of Posts on #SCSM & PowerBI. Part 6 is coming very soon. Thanks for following my blog.

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