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Published on September 9th, 2015 | by Fredrik Knalstad


Quick Post: Power BI Personal Storage Space

Working with Power BI ( Datasets) generates data in Power BI. Depending on the license version , different storage spaces are available.

Free version gives 1 GB of data, Pro version gives 10 GB of data. Power BI Prcing -> https://powerbi.microsoft.com/pricing

To view the available storage space click on [Settings] -> Manage Personal Storage.


Here we will  get an overview of the current storage space that are being consumed by the logged on account. The Owned by me tab shows all the datasets that I have uploaded to Power BI.
Owned By Others will show all datasets that have been shared by others. The total of this will be amount storage space used.


“Included in your storage limit are your own datasets and Excel reports, and those that someone has shared with you. Datasets are any of the data sources you’ve uploaded or connected to, including Excel workbooks you’re using as datasets. Reports are the Excel files you uploaded as intact Excel workbooks. Power BI reports and dashboards don’t take up any storage space.” 

By selecting another group in Power BI, the storage space usage for the group can be viewed.






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